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All of this has happened before, all of this will happen again

CBS taking down all of the "Revenge of the Houseguests" and "Survivors Strike Back" blogs is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

The Wayback Machine, on the other hand, is my new best friend.

As it turns out, these things really do need context. Recognizing the specific people and what they're judging is so fascinating to me, because they really do tend to identify their own flaws and get hyper-defensive about people making the same mistakes that they did.

I'm particularly impressed, though, that the former Big Brother contestants on their blog managed to join together and gang up on another poster and get her to stop posting entirely. They're there to comment on the strategy of the game, and yet the mentality of the game influences them to the point where they (for all intents and purposes) evict someone from the blog.

It's not that I think any of this is intentional commentary on the process, but if I can disregard authorial intent with books, I see no reason I can't do the same with reality television reaction journals.
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