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a list (by Amy, aged 24 and 1/6)

  1. Who counts as my "best friend" for this purpose? Isn't that kind of antithetical? I mean, one of the signs of being my friend is that I WOULDN'T subject you to investigation by the Big Brother casting people. [EDIT: Okay, one of my reality TV-watching friends has told me to just use her. I STILL FEEL SKETCHY, THOUGH. On some level, I feel like if you answer any of these questions, you lose the game.]

  2. I have an entire page and a half of "n/a"s. I was about to ask what kind of people they're LOOKING for, who would answer yes to these, and then I remembered what show I'm dealing with.

  3. You want me to describe my relationship with my mom in three lines? Really?

  4. And my thoughts on religion get one line? Seriously? You gave me four lines to explain the times I've been "arrested, charged with a crime, and/or... subjected to disciplinary charges of any kind"!

  5. What is my favorite movie? Seriously, I have not been asked this question since I was in high school. I'm not sure "Heathers and The Princess Bride" should be my default answer anymore. On the other hand, I listed Big Brother as my favorite TV show, so it's not like I have any high ground here.

  6. "What is your favorite color? Why?" I- no, seriously, what the HELL? How is "favorite color" the kind of question that has a "why"? How does "What is your favorite color? Why?" deserve twice as much space as "what are your thoughts on religion"?

  7. The question about body art is awesome mostly because I imagine people like Nakomis from BB5 or Lex from Survivor Africa filling out the two tiny lines. And then the bottom of the page. And then circling around the margins. (Imagining various people's answers to a lot of these questions is fun. Also, wow, just having the patience to fill one of these things out is the first way they narrow down the applicant pool, isn't it?)

  8. My reaction to virtually every question about how I react to [x] is "make joke and withdraw," which I would imagine is not exactly great TV. Maybe I should try to get into a fight with someone, just to try it. Would anyone be interested in having a book thrown at them? How about a chair?

  9. I love the questions like "What are you afraid of?" because they're pretty much transparent code for " we can make it part of the theme of the house this year!"

  10. I realized I'm approaching this like David Sedaris mentions in the Santaland Diaries: I figured that for once in my life I thought I'd be completely honest and see how far it got me. I answered "What are you most ashamed of, either now or in your past?" with "filling out this application."

  11. I don't have a "life's motto".

  12. I have to remind myself that quoting random things said in the house by random houseguests on the feeds is not actually a valid way to answer what are, presumably, serious questions. Although I don't really know how I'm supposed to take "What would you do if Big Brother made you famous?" as a serious question.

  13. "What types of people would you NOT choose to live with you in the house?" You know, I must be kind of naive- I figured that was part of the process, but I didn't realize it was this EARLY in the process. BB Casting People, I tip my hat.

  14. I really enjoy the question "which past Big Brother houseguest did you like the most? The least?", because that is really the only space I have for filling in my explanation of "You know what's awesome? Reality TV theory!" and then grinning a lot.

  15. The release and waiver is the most terrifying thing I've ever read. It's pretty amazing. I especially like that the entire "Arbitration of Disputes" section is in bold capslock, thus making it the one part of the application that is virtually impossible to read. TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL, CBS!

I just keep thinking of the quote from Alison Grodner, pre-BB10, where she says she wishes the houseguests DID care more about politics, but people who apply to Big Brother tends to be narcissistic to the point of distraction. (She phrased it differently.) That makes so much more sense now that I'm actively trying to fill out the questionnaire. This would be much easier if I could just film a two-minute video and move on with my life.
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