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It's not easy being green.

It's taken me a few weeks, but I have finally decided: I'm going to complete my application for Big Brother in green pen.

No, seriously. This is, essentially, my problem with everything I never complete: I overthink things. And if you look at reality television close enough, it's pretty transparent. Admittedly, it's layers upon layers of transparency which eventually become at least semi-opaque, but I'm at a point where all of it makes some type of sense. Black or blue or even red wouldn't make me stand out. Pink or purple or light blue would misrepresent me as overly girly. And I like green better than brown.

This is why I would be terrible if I were actually on a reality program: I overthink things. On the other hand, this is why I would be a great theoretical contestant. If I focus my neuroses like a laser, I can formulate what adds up to the ideal candidate. It's just that I cannot PERFORM that role because I am the kind of person who cannot handle speaking in front of a 20-person class, never mind dancing around half-naked while using language that would make my parents curl up in a ball and die of shame.

Which comes full-circle, because one of the questions on the application is what blogs you have, which I imagine is what they check once you're declared interesting enough to consider for the semi-finals. Hi, CBS law/publicity people, if you come here! Did you like my green pen? I thought it was a nice touch.
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