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The canyon between "learning" and "lawsuit"

So getting copies of seasons of reality television can be a chore. I happily paid money for anything that I could, and if there were more DVDs available for purchase I would have gotten them too. (Seriously, CBS- Amazon and Cook Islands at LEAST.) After that I exploited friends with video tapes, enjoyed a brief three-hours-a-week run on the Game Show Network, went through YouTube with a fine-toothed internet comb, and yada yada yada, I have acquired every episode of Big Brother and Survivor and watched almost all of them.

I'm starting to wonder if I should alter my approach towards only dealing with easily-accessible TV seasons, and also wondering what that means. If my audience is not familiar with surfthechannel or the use of torrents, that eliminates an awful lot of source material. Do programs available on Amazon Unboxed or iTunes count as easily accessible? If it took me over six months to get the copy of BB4 I wanted on DVD, how "accessible" is that, really?

I've been looking over my notes, and there are relatively few references to Survivor seasons not on DVD (it's really just Thailand, Amazon, and Panama), but Big Brother? That's a whole other story. I guess I could just focus this project on Survivor alone, but that seems limiting for my goals. Survivor ties better into Hunger Games, but Big Brother is much easier to attach to real life. In other words, Hunger Games connects to Survivor which connects to Big Brother which connects to daily life.

How many links can I reasonably sacrifice before the chain doesn't make sense anymore?

This is why my life would be easier (a) if reality television were in syndication, (B) if more people knew how to *cough* TV from the internet, or (C) if things that I think of as "genearl cultural knowledge" were actually general cultural knowledge, rather than the very specific interests of someone like me.

In short, if I want to make the content accessible, it needs to be accessible. I am not entirely sure why I find this so complicated.
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