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When we studied Archetypal in crit, this was not my first thought.

"I think the reason that Survivor's still on the air and why it's endured is great storytelling," Probst explained.  "I've always felt that Survivoris Joseph Campbell at its best.  It's unscripted, real-life drama. Everybody in this game is on their own journey, and they leave their ordinary life behind and they embark on this adventure that will forever change their lives."

Probst said whether castaways have the dubious distinction of beingthe first one booted or make it all the way to the final TribalCouncil, "their lives are forever changed" by the experience.

"They face obstacles.  They almost always experience a spiritual death -- whether it's literally being voted out, which is a death inthis game -- or whether it's finding yourself so low you don't know how you're ever going to make it," he said.  "You think about quitting, and then you dig deep and you rebirth and you're a renewed person."


"We stay true to our show.  We don't change," he said.  "Somebodyasked, 'What's the difference between a legitimate twist and a cheesy twist,' and I said, 'It's perception' -- and it is.  We could have taken a lot of different roads, and every season we come back and we say, 'Let's adjust the creative a little bit, but let's do the same show we always do, just a little different.'  Because that's what you expect.  You hear the music, you see the open, and you remember, 'Oh yeah! I'm in good hands.'"


Thus proving that sometimes valuable quotes come from research, and sometimes they come from trying to figure out whether Probst always comes to challenges wearing a Survivor baseball cap from the previous season.

I don't have an answer to my question, but I do have a valuable quote, and also a new goal to occupy me while I watch the rest of Survivor: Palau. And possibly several seasons beyond this. Seriously, would it kill them to give more than a medium close-up of the host of the show? I'm starting to feel personally taunted.
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