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The (sur)reality moebius strip

One of the recent Secret Survivor Clips features Sandra talking about being at the bottom of the tribe pecking order. It's not a particularly interesting clip- she's explaining basic strategy that frankly I could cover in my sleep- except.

(There's always an except, right?)

When the tribes merged a few weeks ago, they got paint. As a crazy fan, I will elaborate: Sandra used bright yellow to write Half my Heart is in Afghanistan (1) - a reference to her husband, a soldier currently at war- on the front of her dark red shirt, and Mom Send Help From Above (I think? - 2) in green on the back.

To put it visually, ever since the merge, (1) is Sandra's shirt with the message in yellow, (2) is the message in green and (3) is what we see in this week's the extra scene:

Things like this screw with the continuity enough that they make me wonder- how much do the producers really think we buy into it at all? How much do they realize that the audience is aware that it's constructed into a story? For the purposes of storytelling, once I file away what it means in terms of how it was actually meant at the time it was said, I can go with it, and I'm less suspicious of it than I am of most confessionals, because I know the placement isn't "real". When I'm watching a scripted program, I don't stop to think about how some scenes are shot before others and some happen in "real" time before they happen in the storyline. In some ways, being reminded of the artificiality of the construction of reality makes the linear storytelling seem more natural.

So basically, my question is: When something like this happens, is it a mistake, or are they hanging a lampshade on the manufactured reality of the genre?
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