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If we had influence, Rudy would have won.

I'm pretty sure there are no more logistical/administrative details to be worked out, so the independent study is a go and I can start focusing more on what needs to get done.

Current goals:

  • read over No Child Left Behind for information on media literacy requirements

  • simplify the content of some of the theory books I have

  • settle on focus: people or show

  • take more notes on DVD special features

I'm going through the DVDs in chronological order, which means I'm doing Borneo and Australia and Pearl Islands first, but I can't wait to get to All-Stars, which is where I thnk I'm going to have the bst luck finding comments about production and reflections on the show. But they don't mean anything til I have the background- much like how, the first time I saw All-Stars, I didn't know that I disliked Rupert and liked Kathy and hated Colby and loved Alicia. Actually, I haven't watched All-Stars from start to finish since I finished catching up on the seven seasons before it. I'm pretty interested to see how my perceptions change.

Beyond that, I'll have never seen Survivor All-Stars without knowing that Rob and Amber are the top two, that they go on Amazing Race together, that they get married-- which means my perception is being swayed by that too.

This is why there should be more theory about reality television. And why someday, I'm going to be the crazy person who writes long papers on how the ideas of "spoiling" reality versus scripted shows are so different and why that's so. There's probably a dissertation in the DVD box art alone.

Look, someone else out there can find a way to solve the problem of world hunger. Everyone contributes to humanity in different ways.
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