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Reflections on Survivor (--see? it's a pun!)

WARNING: Spoilers for 4/29/10's Survivor in this post

Every week, Survivor airs on Thursday, and then on Friday come all the reactions and reviews. (I read about a dozen of them, which I'd like to say is research, but really, I just want to analyze the show more.) There are also the extra clips from CBS, which offer "deleted scenes" from the previous night's episode: a more detailed view of who voted for her, the full goodbye speech, a few interviews cut from the show, and some clips from Ponderosa, which is where the castaways who've been voted out go. The extra clips are great, because they all tend to be more about the people and strategy than the drama. Not that I don't enjoy drama, but sometimes I need something to push me back towards what I'm interested in, and this was a big one:

"Survivor's like a mirror. So I think the first two times I played, I saw a lot of things about myself that I didn't like, that I wanted to change, and the last year and a half since I played, I've really been working on myself personally, and this time when I played I really felt like I jus had more control and I was more aggressive and I wasn't worried about hurting people's feelings, I went into it as more of a game, than, you know, I- My line between the game and reality was- was solid, whereas before, the line for me was blurred, and it makes it really hard to play this game if you have a blurred line between the game part and the reality part of this game."
(Amanda The Day After- it's worth sitting through the 15-second Pillsbury commercial)

I've been interning in publishing, I'm looking for a job in publishing (side note: hire me! I like childrens' books!), and I finally feel like I know enough about things like query letters that I can start working on all of this again, which is awesome, because the more time I spend on the reality TV project, the more work the former contestants are doing FOR me. This is great because (a) I have things to cite, but also because (b) self-awareness is one of the things people always think reality stars lack, and I think those people are wrong, and this proves it.

Amanda watched the show and learned from it! She had INSIGHT!

She also used strategy, won competitions, and had a wrestling match with another woman while both were in bikinis, so really, Amanda provided something for everyone last night. Well, everyone except Colby, but he had Treasure Island.

I really do love this show.
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