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"Inspirational Stories," Coach? Really?

Apparently it's been up for a few weeks now, but I just stumbled upon CBS's new former-Survivors-comment-on-current-Survivor-seasons page, "The Immunity Blog".

I love watching people who've played the game before comment on the game, because they tend to have very specific insights, viewing the entire game through the lens of how they played the first (or second) time. I don't disbelieve anyone who says that you can't understand the Survivor game until you've lived it, but I do think that there's really no way to understand anyone's gameplay unless you are that person and that person usually has a seriously skewed view of the game anyway. So it's fascinating to me on levels.

I can't tell if Coach parodying himself or being sincere. I SERIOUSLY CAN'T. Which I guess is what turns a good character into a great character, although I'm not entirely sure what it says about a person.

Still, Survivor cast members obviously still have a lot to learn. Sure, Hatch was jailed for not paying taxes on his $1 mill, but you don't see HIM arrested for using his profits to start a drug-smuggling ring, do you? DO YOU?

Big Brother makes me so proud and so ashamed, frequently at the same time.
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