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Amy Stern

Where the Wild Things Post

Who is Max? What is a Wild Thing? Is it ever okay to eat someone's head? What if it falls off? Then can you eat it?

The movie's coming out later this week, so to get ready I'm reading the Dave Eggers book that's based on the movie that's based on the picturebook. (I got the normal hardcover, not the one with fur. Because I am not that creepy.)

I'm trying not have any expectations except for a good story, because it's not fair to the book. But there are so many places this can go on a meta-level. Part of me is infuriated that they need to label this "an all-ages novel," because I find that troubling in the assumption that most kidlit has a cut-off age. On the other hand, from a marketing perspective, it's genius, because a lot of people do think there's a cut-off age, and between the involvement of McSweeney's and the Junk food tees and everything, this is a way to at least get hipster adults interested, which I guess is a step, even if it's ironic love of kidlit instead of the pure joy I wish everyone had.

As I am less of a hipster and more of a nerd, I have been looking forward to this since I saw the presentation at ComicCon, and I'm currently trying to figure out if there's any way I could make myself a wolf suit to wear to the movie opening night. It could be mischief-friendly!
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