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ART: Tithe, by Holly Black

I actually read this one when I was a camp counselor, and a bunch of the girls told me I had to read it and one of them loaned it to me. That entire summer is kind of a haze of not sleeping enough, making friends, getting into the kind of wacky adventures you think only exist in YA novels about summer camps until they happen to you, and reading this book. (Well, this book and Ella Enchanted, but this is the one that stuck with me.)

So of course people are trying to get it banned. It causes people joy.

I know that the cover art for these was redone, and I respect that- abstractly- but this was seriously SUCH a gorgeous cover. The fact that it was replaced makes me sad. This approximation is nowhere NEAR as pretty as the actual cover. But hey, it was on the list, and my water colors are RIGHT HERE, so I had to try, right?

(I know. I need to clean my scanner.)

Any suggestions for next week's theme?
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