Amy Stern (bigbrotherreads) wrote,
Amy Stern

ART: My Heartbeat, by Garret Freymann-Weyr

It took three people to convince me to read this one, and after I finished it I apologized to all of them for not listening sooner. I had somehow managed to convince myself, based on nothing but the cover, that it was going to be pretentious and I wouldn't want to read it. Spoiler alert: not pretentious. Just amazing. And it bothers me that I looked at a cover like this- which is GORGEOUS- and think "pretentious." I prefer it to the glossy disembodied-part-of-a-teen-girl's-body shots that are so prevalent, and I really adore the art. I think it completely fits the novel and I can't think of any way to better represent the story.

This is one of the queerest YA novels I have ever read, but I do wonder if the people challenging the book were more opposed to the blatantly non-heterosexual aspects, or the more subversive ones. Or if it was neither, and they were just convinced by the cover it was pretentious, and didn't ever get any farther than that.

Tags: banned books, ~art
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