Amy Stern (bigbrotherreads) wrote,
Amy Stern

ART: The Bermudez Triangle, by Maureen Johnson

I am likely the only person on earth who read this one not because of the romantic angles, but rather because someone mentioned to me that Nina was gone over the summer because she was at a summer academic enrichment program. So my biggest disappointment with this book was that it wasn't focused on that. (Look, I own my biases, okay?) Luckily, queer lit is RIGHT UP THERE on the list of YA Subjects I Love, so reading this wasn't exactly a hardship.

So I like to believe that the people who challenged this had the same misconception about the focus, and weren't upset about the QUEER content, but rather the fact that people are GETTING AN EDUCATION. I mean, that's what book banning is opposed to, right? So it totally works.

My copy of this book is helpfully "splash proof" to be a beach read. I don't know if I'd consider it that, although I don't know how much of my feeling is based on having read it in the winter.

Confession time: until I started collaging this one, I thought the hearts on the cover were just randm patterns that matched the colors of the title. Oops?

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