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ART: An Abundance of Katherines, by John Green

I had a conversation with someone (don't remember who) about this book, because it is probably my third-favorite of John Green's novels. (That is the same as saying "least favorite," I guess, except that implies I did not like it, and it's just that I like the other two MORE.) The conversation centered around why I clicked more with the other two books. I thought it was because I have this weird gut-level bias against any book which paints an academically-talented kid as not understanding that school intelligence does not translate to social intelligence, which is entirely less a judgment on the book than on my own inability to separate personal experience from literary. But the other person pointed out that Abundance of Katherines is very much a story about math, and the other two are very much more stories about words. And once they pointed that out, I will very much cop to the way that equations make my brain go on the fritz a bit. Once again, my issues with high school calculus rear their ugly heads.

This is not to condemn the book, but rather to say that it is my least favorite of John Green's books, and I still cannot even comprehend why someone might possibly want to CHALLENGE it.

The best part of these challenges, though, is that they make me go back to books that didn't like with me so much the first time, and I reread them and realize I actually like them quite a bit, not just in a "John Green books tend to be awesome!" kind of way but in a "This particular book happens to be awesome!" way.

So thanks to all of the jerks who are trying to keep perfectly good books from impressionable youth. Your rage is putting books back into my hands, and I appreciate your sacrifice!

Anyway, cover of the day:

In the interest of full disclosure, it's the cover of the audio book rather than the over of the book itself, because I was looking for a good picture online and did not bother comparing it to the book cover itself. Close enough, though, right?
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