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ART: Gossip Girls, by Cecily von Ziegesar

Because it's banned books week, and nothing is banned quite like these.

I find that I have issues with every level of the criticism of the Gossip Girl books. I don't love them, personally, but I fail to see how reading a book- any book- is wrong. Not as a gateway into anything, except a few hours of enjoyment. I hate basically everything that sucks the joy out of reading. I love On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta beyond the telling of it- as, er, anyone who's talked to me in the past ten months probably knows- but the idea that I'm getting 'better' enjoyment because it's more 'literary' makes me SO ANGRY. This may or may not be influenced by years of reading Baby-Sitters Club and Nancy Drew and Archie comics. They're what got me to this very mature place in my life! :D?

And censorship isn't just challenging/banning it in schools. There's also the self-selection of librarians, teachers, and booksellers of what they're going to have. Every time a librarian says they don't have Gossip Girl in their library because it's not the kind of thing they think kids should be reading, a little part of me dies, because it's SO classist and offensive. Banning books doesn't stop kids with money; they may CHOOSE to spend the money on something besides books, but they have that option. So basically banning books says that kids who can't afford it should be punished, and saying that adults can decide for an entire community of children, rather than just for their own child.

I also have issues with the seriously misogynistic criticisms of the books, but this is getting kind of long.

Taking the weekend off of art. Next week, it's all books that were challenged this past week.
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