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...And that's why you never use the wizard power.

Nothing better than waking up randomly in the middle of the night and learning O HAY, CHIMA DOR'D.

DOR = Departure on Request. IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED THIS FAR IN THE GAME BEFORE. (Actually, everyone else who left was kicked out, so it's safe to say it hasn't happened EVER.)

The producers re-introduced the "coup d'etat" to let one houseguest overturn another's nominations, and let America vote to choose who would have the power. Jeff won, and he used the coup to change Chima's nominations and one of her closest allies, Jessie, went home. Michele won HOH and put Chima on the block. Chima flipped out, threw her mic pack ($5000!) into the hot tub, and ended up walking out. Also she used the word "motherfucker" a lot.

This is one of those game-changing moments that throws things into a tailspin, and while that's true about inside the house too, that's not actually what I'm referring to. It's fascinating to watch the dynamics as fans wake up and learn what happened. There are two main camps. One that feels the integrity of the game was seriously compromised with such a strong power which the houseguest didn't even need to win but rather was awarded, and Chima leaving is her taking a stand against unfair practices. The other feels that the mistake- for both fans and contestants- lies in assuming that Big Brother is a fair game among ~13 people designed to let one out of them win half a million dollars, when really the show is a give-and-take between the producers and the audience designed to give maximum entertainment and revenue to both parties.

My side should be obvious. I'm looking at this from that nerdy sociological psychoanalytical "THIS IS AMAZING" place and it's fantastic. I mean, as a viewer, I liked Chima but hated her alliance, and this gives the ones I like the numbers to possibly win, and the coup got Jessie out, and I really hated Jessie. I hated him last season and I hated him this season. The fact that America has had a hand in voting Jessie out two years in a row warms the cockles of my heart.

Many reality shows borrow a subtler device from gaming culture as well: the rules aren't established at the outset. You learn as you play. [...T]he participants- and the audience- know the general objective of the series, but each episode involves new challenges that haven't been ordained in advance. (Steven Johnson, Everything Bad is Good For You, 92-93)

The ratings for the coup episode were through the roof, and now they have an AMAZING GIANT EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN to work with. The producers did good with this one, and it is making ME feel smart and observant, which obviously is the objective of any reality program.

So I didn't get back to sleep, but omg so worth it. Although I am kind of ashamed of how many Important World Events I paid less attention to than this Big Brother Controversy.
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