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I've been going through some of my unlabeled videotapes, and I have to hand it to myself. I was very thorough. I have more than one full tape of reality television miscellany, ranging from talk show interviews to brief appearances at award shows and a slight detour at an embarrassingly cross-promotional episode of Yes Dear which featured a character going on Big Brother and meeting several of the former houseguests. (I say embarrassingly, and yet I clearly recorded it. This was the height of my obsession with Big Brother, okay?) And mixed in with all of the other stuff, I have a bunch of documentaries about reality shows.

Wait, I'm sorry. "Documentaries."

They're all about how reality television lies, it LIES! And the thing that gets me- beyond the fact that anyone looking at reality television for absolute truth is not going to be swayed by an hour on VH1- is that I could have made this documentary. Not all of it, obviously; I don't have a funkily-lit room in which to interview former reality stars who want to talk about how they were represented. But I have a mic for my computer which would allow me to record voiceovers, and I have the still images they panned across to simulate movement and the short video clips they liked to take out of context.

In short: They were taking existing footage, and editing it together to fit the storyline they wanted to tell. Which is absolutely fine, and if they explicitly recognized the irony it would have been awesome. Instead, it's just kind of depressing.
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