Amy Stern (bigbrotherreads) wrote,
Amy Stern

Sadly, this is just the tip of the reality nerd iceberg.

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here continues to have no bearing on anything- ever, in the history of creation, really- but I'm enthralled. Not in the way I expected to be, either; I am completely comfortable accepting that I have terrible taste and love nothing more than what amounts to extensive studies in the emotional manipulation of famous people who go in knowing what to expect.

But no. What's bothering me about IaCGMooH (you know, there's a REASON that most reality TV titles are only a few syllables long) is that they've apparently completely disregarded the idea of internal logic. This is basically a huge offense to me as a geek. I mean, nitpicking is a tried and true nerd activity, but I'm not asking for that. I'm asking for basic continuity. This means that you cannot present something as "live" and then show footage for what's happening "next" because that throws the timeline. Dude, I know not everything happens in the order it's presented. I don't care if it does. But I do need some way to believe that the show is not just being pulled together by a crew of monkeys hurling bananas at monitors and seeing what sticks.

Along the same lines, the "confessional booth" is decorated to look like a bench outside. It's surrounded by trees! It's very 'tropical' or whatever. But in last night's episode, they explicitly showed that the confessional booth is located INSIDE A ROOM. I don't care that it's not actually outdoors, but I do object to them destroying the shoddily-constructed illusion. I'm not expecting much! I have no problem that Big Brother, for example, has two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT paths of internal logic, depending on whether you watch the feeds or the show. I just don't want to see the show contradicting itself in a single episode. It's just embarrassing.

(Also? I love how "bad tropical storm" meant that they all needed to camp out in the confessional room, because the celebs couldn't get hurt or wet or whatever. On the second season of Survivor, the castaways' camp got WASHED AWAY BY A FLASH FLOOD, and Probst was basically like "So, that... sucks. Here's a slingshot; let's get started taking each other out!" Seriously, the celebrities from this show make Osten look like Ozzy.)

And now that I've proved I'm taking this show more seriously than the producers, the cast, and the editors, I'm going to go hide my head in shame for a bit.

Just for a little bit, though. I have to be ready by 8, when I can find out who won immunity last night.

I am so ashamed.
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