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I typed this at 2 AM and forgot to hit "post". I apologize for incoherence.

I can't help noticing the similarities, and I'm wondering if the climax of Hunger Games, where they decide that the show needs a winner so it could be both of them or neither of them, is based on Chicken George's "rebellion" in BB1, where they contemplated a walk-out. I don't know this was a conscious choice by the author, but this was certianly the highest amount of publicity BB1 garnered (50% increase from two weeks previous, according to the Andrejevic), and it might be the kind of thing that gets internalized.

I wonder how much the relationship between reality television and mass media saturation influenced both Hunger Games as a book, and culture in general.

In pettier news, Andrejevic makes a point of mentioning that he "spent at least four hours per week for three months" in the chat rooms. And- seriously, dude? That's all you've got? Four hours a day on the live feeds is, for me, restrained engagement. I've wasted whole days reading TWoP recaps and Survivor Sucks threads. I have watched entire seasons of Big Brother in three days, while tracking down gossip from that season at the same time. Considering how much attention the text pays to how fans' use of the internet influences everything, I have no idea why four hours a week is considered a big thing.

This book can make comments about viewers that basically offend me, and I can angrily accept that (while plotting what I would say in response to sound witty and brilliant), but this feels more like an inherent misunderstanding of the very population being surveyed. As Andrejevic specifically points to more than once, 70% of avid viewers routinely post to the web. If you think you're "participating" with four hours a week, you are SERIOUSLY doubting my (and others') commitment to Sparkle Motion.

...Can you tell I'm finally typing up all the quotes I post-it flagged in the Andrejevic? I know I've been kind of subtle.
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