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My copy of The Work of Being Watched is due back at the library tomorrow, so I've finally been typing up all the quotes I flagged with post-its as potentially important. This is one of the defining texts in the critical field of reality television, and it infuriates me by simultaneously taking things too seriously and not taking them seriously enough.

The goal is not to prove that reality TV is conceived, produced, and received as an advertisement for the benefits of self-disclosure in an increasingly interactive media environment. Instead, it is to provide one possible interpretation of an emerging pattern in the reception and portrayal of contemporary forms of commercial surveillance and to demonstrate the fruitfulness of this interpretation as a means of thinking about shifting cultural and economic patterns in the information age.

No, please, Andrejevic, try harder to justify looking at reality television as a valid text. I don't think I've quite gotten your point. Christ, what is this compensating for?

I have decided to go for broke, incidentally, and attempt to hammer out a super-rough draft of my manuscript this week so that when I go to auditions on Saturday and they say "Why do you want to do this?" I can say "HI I AM WRITING A BOOK :D? :D?" and if nothing else, at least they'll remember me as the crazy girl who brought a manuscript.

Indeed, several of the would-be cast members I interviewed for this chapter pointed out that even if they didn't make it onto the show, they might at least make the highlight tape of the auditions featured in the behind-the-scene background episodes.

I cannot actually figure out if I am supporting or subverting what Andrejevic says in this. I think maybe both.
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