Amy Stern (bigbrotherreads) wrote,
Amy Stern

Not dead, just sleeping

I haven't updated here in a while, because I got a seasonal job at Barnes and Noble in the children's section. On the one hand: LOTS OF EXPOSURE TO BOOKS, YAY! On the other hand: LOTS OF EXPOSURE TO GERMS, LESS YAY! What I thought was a cold that lasted for close to two months turned out to be a bad case of bronchitis. Um. Oops?

I feel like I'll be a much more pleasant person to be around once I'm no longer made entirely of disease.

A lot has happened since I've updated here. Two months of exposure to kids' books (and let me tell you, the BEST PART of working in a bookstore is spending my lunch break every day reading kidlit)! The season finales of Survivor and Amazing Race! The fall and rise of Kirkus! My finally seeing a doctor!

(Some of these are more globally important than others.)

And now that I can spend more than 15 minutes without lapsing into a disgusting coughing fit, I can get back into blogging here.

Reality TV-wise, Twitter has been an amazing boon; I am drowning in gossip and commentary. I want to talk about last season of Survivor, because it's sparked a lot of discussion about what makes a good player of a reality show. The upcoming season of Survivor is going to be another all-stars season (heroes versus villains), and I've already started a post about what that means. I adore all-star seasons, because from an academic meta standpoint they're the most fascinating thing you can hope for. Jordan and Jeff from Big Brother are going to be on Amazing Race, which I hope will showcase their talents at not being able to tell time or spell as much as BB did. Oh, and the scandal about this season of the Bachelor (which I don't even watch)!

Children's lit has just as much exciting stuff happening. I want to start making predictions for the ALA Midwinter awards, because I predicted Jellicoe last year literally an hour before it was announced and was so freaking proud of myself you don't even KNOW. I read a few books that I kind of fell in love with and want to press onto everyone I know. The Baby-Sitters Club is being rereleased, which is kind of the epitome of joy for me, because those are my favorite preteen guilty pleasure series, but I am upset about the changes they intend to make. I have Thoughts about the Children's Literature Ambassador thing.

Plus I'm on the Cybils picturebook committee! That's pretty awesome.

Happy 2010, everyone!
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