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This entire article is one giant "That's what she said."

You want to know why I deny all of BB9 except for the existence of Chelsia and Big She and Sharon's interactions with the guinea pigs?

Jasinski allegedly confessed that he had been selling thousands of oxycodone pills all along the East Cost over the past several months, and had been funding his enterprise with the $500,000 price he won from the “Big Brother Season 9” show.

Stay classy, Big Brother.

(This is particularly awesome because, ON THE LIVE FEEDS, he and Matty- who lives in Massachusetts, I should note- discussed their drug dealing. GUYS, YOU'RE ON CAMERA. YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT?)

[Yeah, I know, the whole "collaging book covers" thing came to an abrupt stop. I got new art supplies! I had to organize them into tiny perfect drawers! Maybe "one collage a week" is a more reasonable plan?]
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