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ART: In the Night Kitchen, by Maurice Sendak

It seemed appropriate, in honor of banned books week and all.

I can never decide which horrifying explanation of the plot of this book is my favorite, the one where it's all about sex or the one where it's all about the Holocaust. Either way, though, I love that neither of those is the focus of people's complaints: they're just horrified at the one picture of Mickey's full frontal nudity. This is just one of many reasons why book banning is ridiculous to me.

Although if the problem were either the symbolic Nazis or the symbolic birth, I probably would not have been so delighted over the story that well-meaning parents and librarians drew little black sharpie diapers onto Mickey. So maybe it all works out.

(I, um, possibly went overboard for the first collage? Maybe a little? I can almost guarantee there will not be this level of crazy detail every day. Probably.)
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